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The Thorium Plasma Battery Cover-Up - From A to Z

Government Censors Hard At Work On Thorium Plasma Battery That Lives Longer Than People Without A Single Recharge!
"They can not only eliminate every coal plant in the world, but exhaust gases from vehicles and in fact, make the internal combustion engine obsolete. Most importantly, the only oil we will ever have to buy again will not be at a gas station but at Walmart when we buy a can of lubricating oil."

Perhaps it time to say Enough Already! Over the last three years, over 20 links related to Thorium Plasma Battery Technology have vanished into thin air – just like its inventors Dimitri Petronov and “Danny”.  Over a dozen links at the Department of Energy’s official on-line database at relating to plasma energy batteries are gone since November of 2010. Dozens of us recall reading and referring to these inks, yet today they are just gone.

My imagination? Not hardly. These two pages from also were deleted less than a month after they revealed two of the weapons systems used by The U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force that have been using the new green battery since 2006-2008.  I recovered them from Cache. As you can see Google confirms the pages were posted as recently as April 14, 2012. Please note the details given in the links.

On yet another internet site,, someone has inserted identical derisive text into the posts of 6 contributors suggesting plasma batteries are the equivalent of “fairy dust”. Visit the site and you will see that every post that makes reference to Thorium in any way has this  below text inserted in a way to mislead people to think the actual contributor was “only joking”. Here is the text that was covertly inserted by persons unknown: 

“Finally found with google search:

Not again with the same thorium hoax, exposed as such repeatedly elsewhere... Again, it's been talked about since the 1950s, so do your own research before you start laughing. Start with Scientific American, especially the comments by readers...

“But yes, thorium and unicorns and pixie dust will make all the technical struggles that have persisted since 60 years ago magically disappear. Have I missed all the interim Thorium-powered concept cars at the last 20 years of auto shows, too?" No wonder the hoaxers can't post at TES!”  

Ironically TES is a site dedicated to kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers who share lesson plans – not a scientific, research, or energy site.  Emails to the Green Forum site administrator go unanswered.

I also noted that every single person who posted any comment about Thorium (pro or con) was banned from Green Forum. To the Department of Energy, Thorium is an inconvenient truth they hope people will ignore. Is the Green Forum a government front disinformation forum, or are the moderators really that ignorant?  The stench is foul and so is the censorship. is part of the problem along with anyone else who relies on censorship to mask the truth or even prevent the debate on new green technologies. Since the Green Forum site was created after the plasma battery surfaced in 2006, it is now thought that it is one of many front forums run by Uncle Sam as a disinformation center, just as they used during the Iraq War to deal with “collateral damage” (atrocities and war crimes)

Further, the videos and patent drawings of the plasma energy battery of inventor Aries DeGeus that were once posted on-line before his murder are now gone, as are many white papers written from MIT professor Eugene Mallove and colleague nuclear physicists from Purdue, Princeton, and Stanford.  DeGeus is known to have been awarded at least seven patents from the IWPO. Fortunately one link still slipped by the censors: 

Only those patents relating to plasma batteries were removed. Below is a diagram of DeGeus’s plasma battery that was once supported by three university white papers posted at 

DeGeus is not the only murder victim related to the plasma battery development. MIT Professor Eugene Mallove was murdered the day after he gave a national radio interview about plasma fusion energy on Coast To Coast, and most recently in 2011,  a suspected U.S. government operative who was the only known American to have any contact to Russian inventor Dimitri Petronov, named Zachary Greene Warfield had a bizarre boating accident.  Not surprisingly, it was learned that Greene was representing an investment group that was offering on-line rewards for contact info for Dimitri and also the American inventor known only as “Danny” If you read his obituary below and the links about Mallove, Danny, and Dimitri, I think you will agree this cannot all be some strange unrelated coincidence. Please note Greene’s MIT and government background quoted  as follows:

“Zachary Greene Warfield, 35, died July 4, 2011 in a boating accident on the Potomac River. Zack was a co-founder and a member of the Board of Directors for Omnis, Inc., a McLean, VA-based strategic consulting firm for the intelligence, defense and national security communities. He spearheaded major research initiatives and, in addition to helping steer the company, was directly involved in numerous projects, including analytic training and technology consulting. Prior to founding Omnis, Zack was an engineer and analyst for the U.S. Government and private industry. As a science and technology analyst, he assessed missile and space systems, managed technical contracts, and investigated Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) program as a member of the Iraq Survey Group, serving in Baghdad on two separate occasions.

As an engineer, he worked on aerospace projects for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and private industry. Most notably, Zack designed critical guidance systems that ensured a successful landing for the Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity; his name is inscribed on one of the rovers, and remains on Mars today.”

Now here on the links on Mallove, Dimitri, and Danny:

We were able to grab a copy of the original 1998 Harvard White Paper of Dr. Ramon Khanna and here it is:

Take a look at it. Read it. Does this look like “fairy dust” to you? In 1999 Berkley and Livermore Laboratories (government owned laboratory) conducted five years of joint secret plasma energy development research. Some of it surfaced in this report:

Likewise, it is no secret that over $500 million has been awarded by our government to Sandia Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Oakridge Laboratories, MIT, Stanford, Purdue, Princeton, and Nasa’s Glen Research Center to “explore and develop plasma energy generators” ten years ago. Princeton opened their own Princeton Plasma Laboratory. See the below links and then tell us with a straight face that we’ve been told everything about Thorium and plasma energy devices.  Note that Prinecton’s plasma lab is not run by the university but by the government, as is their web site. Why? Do you really think these web sites tell us about all of their cutting edge technology developments?  Today there are no less than 2 dozen government and university labs assigned to “plasma energy technology development, refinement, and application.”  Surely must be more of that same fairy dust eh?  

 Buried the DoE’s 91 page 2013 Budget Summary you will find two noteworthy items:

 1)       Over 70% of the DoE’s white budget is allocated to military weaponry, and “defense” related programs and projects.

2)       On pages 9, 20, amd 21 of the budget summary, they have allocated over $1 billion to develop “ nuclear plasma energy” in conjunction with MIT and other plasma labs.

Here is their most interesting but somewhat veiled multi-billion dollar budget summary. It would be most interesting to view the actual detailed budget request that Congress gets to review.

Judging by the huge of amounts of our tax cash being spent on plasma fusion energy, it appears Uncle Sam must be really addicted to this fairy dust.  Just 15 years ago they were ridiculing Pons and Fleischman claiming fusion was a hoax. Just as they also discredited Nicolai Tesla 100 years ago.  Yet today in Alaska, the U.S. Air Force is operating their top secret HAARP weapon systems project – using the same identical plasma energy concept for which Tesla was derided in 1910. (Watch the fascinating PBS documentary on Tesla when you have time)

 BTW… Here is the fairy dust dealer whose “hood” is in MA…

Look, it took the government 50 years to declassify the first generation of nuclear batteries know as “RTGs”. They were used the power NASA’s voyager and other space probes and rovers as proven in this Time article:

Likewise, the F17 and B2 Stealth bomber technology was created in 1979 yet we did not learn of it for almost 20 years. The second generation of nuclear batteries developed in the early 1990s just hit the press recently in Time magazine last year.

By the time they tell us the truth about Plasma batteries, it will be too late for our planet’s environment.
Mother Nature is currently on life-support in the ICU and she needs this technology NOW!

Now, if you google “ Green Energy Technology Suppression” or “plasma battery technology” you will find hundreds of references but the most sensitive and credible links that cite the names of government programs or officials linked to plasma batteries have over a dozen broken or inactive links giving you a “404 Error Message” or one that says “The page you are looking for is no longer available” like these here from 2008, 2010, and 2011:

Take a look at this 2011 link and notice that one of the comments at the bottom refers to a U.S. Navy long-range Mark 48 torpedo and gives a link. Just try to visit that link.

This is all very consistent with the technology suppression efforts being made to hide or pooh-pooh this major technology breakthrough that can free every consumer from the chains of oil companies. Above are links that prove even murder is not out of the question if it means keeping the billions in oil revenues, and government fuel taxes flowing. 
The U.S. Patent Office and U.S. Department of Energy are not taking these unilateral censorship measures on their own. Who is pulling their strings?  See these links for details about what laws are used and how Uncle Sam continues to hide technology from the public.  Here is just one of three federal laws being used to keep us in the dark like mushrooms:

The other two laws are the ostensible Patriot Act (perhaps the biggest oxymoron in history) and The National Security Act which Columbia Law Professor Unger best explains at this link: 

When you read about former U.S. Patent Office Whistleblower Tom Valone you will see there is no doubt as to a orchestrated technology suppression effort being made and documented well by Project Orion at these links:

So why aren’t all the researchers screaming that their new technologies are being locked away by the Pentagon or transferred to black ops DARPA development?  The short answer is money. They are getting paid handsome salaries (typically $200,000 per annum and their programs are receiving millions in grant moneys and this money comes with some legal strings that include non-disclosure agreements that carry stiff fines and forfeiture penalties for disclosure. What professor wants to blow the whistle and cause their university to be fined or lose millions? What professor/scientist wants to throw away a $200,000 salary as well in these economic times? 

Recently, a Florida inventor recently invented a working aircraft model that is powered by plasma energy and the Pentagon is now after his patent as well.  Read this while you still can! 

Plasma energy batteries and Thorium nuclear reactors are both 100% safe and 80% green. They can not only eliminate every coal plant in the world, but exhaust gases from vehicles and in fact, make the internal combustion engine obsolete. Most importantly, the only oil we will ever have to buy again will not be at a gas station but at Walmart when we buy a can of lubricating or cooking oil!

If you are intrigued by this mystery, solve it and you can earn $500,000 as per this link we found on line: 

So when you think of Nuclear, stop thinking about dangerous Uranium and Plutonium nuclear reactors that like Fukishima, Chernobyl, and Three Mile Island are ticking time bombs, and starting thinking  green, clean, and 100% safe Thorium which cannot be used to make bombs, yields 90 times more energy than Uranium, and has less than 5% of the waste problem for half the cost. It is virtually impossible to have any catastrophic failures with Thorium fuel. Best of all there is enough Thorium right in America to power the entire world for at least 1,000 years. Radiation?  Yes, but a Thorium plasma battery in your car puts out the same radiation level as your cell phone and its three to five feet away from you, not inch from your brain. Because Thorium plasma batteries use the TH232 isotope which has a half life of 14 million years, it would take you at least one million years to acquire enough detectable radiation in your body. Do you plan to come back from the grave in the next millennium to complain?  (See the radiation chart attached). According to both the CDC and EPA, common coal is three time more hazardous to humans than Thorium, yet coal prevails. Why? Thorium fueled reactors and Thorium plasma batteries, is liberating energy that belongs to the world – not the Pentagon.

Our tax dollars paid for this technology and we have every right to demand access to it!

For the basic details on Thorium Energy you can read this tutorial written for non-scientists by Dr. Robert Greene, Phd. Who apparently snorted his share of fairy dust too!

Technology suppression is not new. Inventors Stan Meyers and Rory Johnson also had their free energy prototypes confiscated and their patents buried. Just Google them for their outrageous stories. But now that murders and disappearing inventors are involved, the matter is growing sinister. The 99% Occupy America movement,  every citizen who has access to the internet, and every ethical physics professor now needs to stand up and make themselves heard. This is an election year. Can you think of better time to push this issue to the forefront?  If so, then don’t bitch when you’re filling up your tank next week and you watch those zeros spinning faster than ever.

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Uncle Frank
Retired NASA employee

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Plasma Batteries & Watercar Technologies Cesnsored For Years

The only reason you are still pumping outrageously expensive gasoline into your car every week is government censorship - not an alleged shortage of oil. The proof is in the below links but for this moment you need to understand why new technologies like these are being deliberately hidden from you:

* Cars and  trucks can run on hydroxy gas made from tap water for 7 cents per gallon

* A magnetic motor can power buses for years without a single drop of gasoline

* Your home can be powered without any grid connection for a decade with a plasma battery

* An 18 wheeler can drive through all 50 sttes without a single gallon of fossil fuels

* Bullet trains can travel to anywhere with safe green Thorium plasma batteries

* Solar panels that can power an entire office building with 35% energy efficiency
* Plasma Batteries can power your vehicles or home for decades without recharging for $5,000 and there would be no exhaust gases at all

* Every coal plant in the world could be shut down within 3-5 years and global warming could be reduced by 50% over the next 10 years.

All of the above technologies have been around for years, some as far back as 1971 and others go back to 2004.  Here are the details of these technologies - all of whose inventors have either disappeared or who died sudden and bizarre deaths as explained in the first link:

All technology suppression officially starts here at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as  special examiners are instructed to "weed out"  any energy invention that does not require the use of fossil fuels. These links will tell you about insider confessions from USPTO employees Tom Valone, and "Stuart"



1. )  If you are willing to believe the Pentagon the answer is "National Security" as per these links:

 2.) The government does not want to have to explain that these technologies may have some embarrassing origins as per these 2 links:

3.)  Because in reality, 40% of the U.S. government's operating revenues are derived from fuel taxes so the higher the oil process, the more revenues flow into the U.S. Treasury.  And let's not overlook the oil company campaign sponsors of every  Republican presidential candidate since 1968 who spend over $70 million USD every year on Washington lobbyists and even more with "Superpac" contributions.  They rake in over $400 billion in annual profits which they could kiss goodbye if the above technologies were allowed to be openly marketed as per this link:

So, if you read all these links you should now be able to sort fact from fiction and tune yourself out of government propaganda and start demanding an end to technology suppression!  If you need more convincing that you are being fleeced by Uncle Sam visit this link:  

And IF you STILL believe our leaders are truly serving and protecting the interests of "We The People" then go to your local newsstand and pick up and read this magazine today...